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Notification panel topbar.xhtml

Posted: 10 Sep 2018, 18:36
by vished
Hi all,

How Can I create a notification panel like in facebook.
For my following code, I got only one entry:

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			<li><a href="#"> <i
					class="topbar-icon material-icons animated swing fa fa-fw fa-bell-o"></i>
					<span class="topbar-badge animated rubberBand">5</span> <span

				<ul class="animated">
					<li role="menuitem"><a href="#" class="topbar-message"> <h:outputText
								value="No Notifcation" />
					rendered="#{notificationRequestLast10EntriesNotLazyController.notificationList != null}"
					emptyMessage="No Notifcation">
					<ul class="animated">

						<li role="menuitem"><a href="#" class="topbar-message"> <p:graphicImage
									name="images/avatar5.png" library="morpheus-layout" width="35" />
								<h:outputText styleClass="shorten-long-text"
									<f:converter converterId="prettyTimeCustomConverter" />
								</h:outputText> <h:outputText styleClass="shorten-long-text"
									value="#{notification.createDate}" />


Thank you for help

Re: Notification panel topbar.xhtml

Posted: 11 Sep 2018, 08:51
by pevagatoz
I also got this one code, try a lot but not get success yet. I am also waiting this one here.

Re: Notification panel topbar.xhtml

Posted: 13 Sep 2018, 06:55
by huseyinT
You should examine our example.

You need to add display block.

Re: Notification panel topbar.xhtml

Posted: 18 Sep 2018, 08:50
by vished
Can you share code, please?