p:calendar showOn="button" changes icon position on click

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13 Jan 2021, 13:06


I'm using Primefaces with theme Barcelona since sometime ago. Recently when I updated my project to Primefaces version 8.0 I've found with an annoying UX/UI problem.

When an user clicks on button of p:calendar button itself changes its position to the left side of the input component. This also happens in Live Demo page, and this ocurrs on Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. In Firefox browser there's no problem.

Example code

Code: Select all

<p:calendar id="frmEFecha"
	value="#{beanName['fecha']}" showOn="button"
	required="true" navigator="true" pattern="dd/MM/yyyy"
	mask="true" mindate="01/01/1990" maxdate="31/12/2050" />
Live Demo of Theme Barcelona

Please, Could you correct this problem?

Thanks, regards.
PrimeFaces 8.0 | Barcelona Theme 2.0.1 | Mojarra 2.3.4 | Tomcat 8.5 | Eclipse 2020-09 (4.17.0) | Chrome v87.0.4280.141 (64 bits)

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14 Jan 2021, 12:39


@mert.sincan Could you please check this issue?

Best regards,

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