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10 Jan 2018, 17:33


i use primereact 1.4.0

the expander should not be visible in all rows.
the expander should only shown, if the value in the model is true.

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        let data = [
            {"rowvalue": true, ...},
            {"rowvalue": false, ...}];
            <DataTable value={}
                       onRowToggle={(e) => this.setState({})}
                       rowExpansionTemplate={(e) => this.rowExpansionTemplate(e)}
                <Column expander={rowvalue} style={{width: '3em'}} />
                <Column field="anyvalue" header="AColumn" />
can anybody help my?


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26 Feb 2018, 10:56

You can use map( function to access rowvalue or use if statement for example

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<Column expander={your_case?true:false} style={{width: '3em'}} />

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28 Mar 2018, 19:20

I have no idea what you mean. If I'm doing

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<Column expander={this.isExpandable} />
and I have a class method

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isExpandable = (rowData, column) => {
   // return boolean based on rowData
the callback never gets called. Are you suggesting we render something into the column that we can then pull off of the DOM element via a ref to look up the row (e.g., like one would do in jQuery)? We can't do that because an expander does not allow custom rendering.

I'm not seeing how map applies here since I'm just specifying a column definition, not a collection of rows.

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