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18 Jul 2018, 00:55

Is it possible to use primereact without using create-react-app? Instead I was hoping to use Next.js to build my project with.

Anyone have any luck with this?


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19 Jul 2018, 10:03

I don't see any reason why not.. Currently there is no example but I'll ask my colleague to create a quickstart app.

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19 Jul 2018, 22:57

Thank you for the response. I was able to accomplish what I was trying to do by using create-react-app, react-router and primereact. It would be nice to see if there is a solution for next.js however as their way of creating static pages would be helpful.

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15 Mar 2019, 05:30

Still waiting for the next.js solution. Especially for datepickers/calendars/text-editors. Trying to implement it by myself but it takes a while... :oops:

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22 Mar 2019, 18:05

Same here. Example for Next.js would be great.

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