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25 Jul 2018, 16:45


I am having an issue where I am getting this weird effect when I'm trying to use a dropdown in the latest update. It was working pre-update, but now that I'm in the new one, everything looks out of whack:


The code is literally copied from the site on how to create a Dropdown (the onChange is calling a function so that I could use it to open up an Input to filter by text):

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       const dropdownfilters = [
            { label: 'Last Name', value: 'LastName' },
            { label: 'First Name', value: 'FirstName' },
            { label: 'Phone Number', value: 'Phone' },
            { label: 'E-Mail', value: 'EMail' },
            //{ label: 'Application Date', value: 'AppDate' },
            //{ label: 'Request Date', value: 'ReqDate' },
            { label: 'Application Status', value: 'AppStatus' }
        <div className="app-sel-filter-container ui-g-3">
            <h3>Filter Select: </h3>
                      placeholder="Select a Filter" />
Honestly, it doesn't look like there should be any issue on my end, so I am thinking that there is a bug via the updated code.

Could I get some help on this issue?


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03 Sep 2018, 16:07

I didn't find any issue with current release. Also, don't copy from source code but it is safer to use from repository. There might be some typo's in that.
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