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Hi, how to make simple filterElement as two InputText like and filter DataTable for all digits between those two filters??? Have tried separately filterELement and FilterFunction but both together does not working?? Any ideas, advice??

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You can use filter method for this issue. Please examine the following code;

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    yearFilter(value, filter) {
        // your custom method. I think you can use val1 and val2.

    renderYearElements() {
                <InputText onInput={(e)=> this.setState({val1:}, () => this.dt.filter(this.state.val1, 'year', 'custom'))}></InputText>
                <InputText onInput={(e)=> this.setState({val2:}, () => this.dt.filter(this.state.val2, 'year', 'custom'))}></InputText>

    render() {
        return (
            <DataTable value={} ref={(el)=> this.dt = el}>
                <Column field="vin" header="Vin" filter={true} />
                <Column field="year" header="Year" filter={true} filterElement={this.renderYearElements()} filterMatchMode="custom" filterFunction={this.yearFilter}/>
                <Column field="brand" header="Brand" filter={true} />
                <Column field="color" header="Color" filter={true}  />
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