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Growl positioning being ignored

Posted: 29 Apr 2019, 20:53
by alarinn
The documentation states that to position the Growl message to use the position property. It seems if I use values like bottomright the default position of topright is being used instead. Here's my snippet:

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        return (
                <Growl ref={(el) => this.growlp = el } position='bottomright'/>
I did dive in into the base code to see if I could spot the error and I found that when I popup the message, Dev Tools shows this:

body .p-growl {
top: 70px;
opacity: 0.9;
filter: alpha(opacity=90);

The correct .p-growl-bottomright values are indicated but that top: 70px in the above css is what is causing the popup to display in the topright. If I comment that out, the popup renders on the bottomright. I have no idea where that value is coming from because the growl.css file shows:

.p-growl {
width: 20em;

There is no top attribute but Dev Tools indicates that is the issue.