Custom Sort is not working with lazy Load Data table in Prime react

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28 Jun 2019, 10:27

the sortFuntion event is not working in lazyload grid prime react.
Code sample :

Code: Select all

                            paginator={true} rowsPerPageOptions={[5, 10, 20, 50]}
                            header={header} responsive={true} loading={props.loading}
                            rows={props.rows} totalRecords={props.totalRecords}
                            onPage={props.onPage} first={props.first}
                            resizableColumns={true} columnResizeMode="fit" emptyMessage="No records found">
                            <Column field="subscriptionName" header="Subscription" filter={true} sortFunction={props.sort}
                               sortable={true} filterElement={subscriptionFilter} filterMatchMode="contains" />
if the lazy value will change to lazy ={false}, then it works.
Could you please someone help me to do custom sorting in lazyload prime react table.

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