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01 Aug 2019, 12:28

I have an application that uses React as the front-end to a ruby-on-rails application. The React and RoR applications are in the same repo connected using webpack.

The PrimeReact components used are Dialog, tabView and Growl. They all work fine in development mode on MacBook, but styling and behaviour does not work when hosted on Heroku.
On the initial login page the text in the dialog is shown as text with reference to styles such as div.p-dialog-titlebar. I believe the issue is that the CSS within PrimeReact is not available

The site can be viewed here

There is also stackOverflow call that has a screenshot of the package.json used. ... -deploymen

If you need the deploy log please let me know.

Could you let me know if there are any special steps required to use PrimeReact when hosted on Heroku?

Many thanks
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