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26 Oct 2019, 04:48

Decided to take the plunge and update react and primereact to latest versions, but I have an issue now where I depended a lot on the fact that dialogs were drag-able AND re-sizable. Both of these very basic functionality seems to have disappeared.

What is the alternative? (apart from switching libraries).

Motivation for drag:
Sometimes dialog pops up but you still want to see what was behind it. Maybe in edit you need to refer to something in background.
If dialog is not modal, I sometimes open a few dialogs, but with all opening on top of each other and not movable, that functionality is gone.
In the meantime I am using react utility/library called "re-position" to at least get dragging

Motivation for re-size:
Sometime a drop-down is long-ish and scrolls, but the drop may be related to something else in the form which is now scrolled out of view. In these cases resizing the form brings everything back in view.

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07 Nov 2019, 14:15

Very useful requirement. We look forward to see the answers. Thanks.

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