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for testing a react App with enzyme, the top App can be "mounted"

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var app_wrapper = mount(<App/>)
Then it is possible to get "pointers" on components (with the correct selectors of course):

For a Button:

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var button = app_wrapper.find('Button[<selector>]');
For an InputText:

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var input = app_wrapper.find('InputText[<selector>]');
For a Slider:

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var slider = app_wrapper.find('Slider[<selector>]');
Clicking a Button or setting the value of an InputText "works":

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button.simulate("click");  //OK
input.simulate('change', { target: { value: "__NEW_TEXT__" } }); // OK.
but it seems to be impossible to set the value of a slider (or of a Dropdown) widget. I didn't try others widgets.

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slider.simulate('change', { target: { value: 55 } }); // does not work
slider.simulate('change',  { value: 55 }); // does not work
It is possible at all ?

Thanks for tips.

PS: the Slider widget seems to be no <input type="range"></input> at all. I am missing something?

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