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13 May 2020, 21:32

The project I'm working on right now uses the PrimeReact calendar, and it works for most of our purposes, but we have an issue specifically with the time entry. The Prime calendar uses a stepper to enter times, and we want to be able to just type a date in. Is there some flag we can use to make this happen, or do we just need to find a new calendar component?
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30 Mar 2021, 11:09

Same here. It seems not possible to use the Calendar widget when you want the users to be able to also manually enter a date. We have been trying lots of things (here is a recent pull request:, but the issue seems to be deeply rooted in the Calendar widget. The basic problem is IMHO that the widget tries to update after each keystroke. This approach is doomed to fail. The widget should update only when the text box loses focus.

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