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DropDown duplicate key error - Feature request

Posted: 03 Jul 2020, 23:00
by chrishj
Usecase: Dropdown that is populated from entries in a database rather than fixed values in the code. This is preferable as the list can be maintained Admin staff without code changes.

In the Dropdown module if there is a duplicate Label, then the feature breaks and there is a React DuplicateKey error/warning. This does not occur with Semantic Ui or Material UI.

Ideally, there should be it should be possible to have a key column that is a unique value that the Dropdown uses as the list key. As an alternative, the PrimeReact component could build its list with a unique key. This could be the index number of the menu option.
I use UUID as my database column ID.

Currently, if there is an error in Database input it breaks the web page.

Re: DropDown duplicate key error - Feature request

Posted: 11 Oct 2020, 00:48
by mert.sincan

I think this issue is fixed with 5.0.1 (the next release). If this problem continues with it, could you please create a Github issue with a sample codesandbox link for us?

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