DataTable scrollable with Column filterElement doesn't work

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29 Oct 2020, 20:52

DataTable scrollable with Column filterElement doesn't work. If you add filterElement to Column which is of type Dropdown or Calendar they are hidden behind table body.
It's because you are doing complicated div embedding for scrollable table (I understand for vertical scrolling when you want to freeze header).
Insted of this I removed 'scrollable' from DataTable and defined in my layou SASS simple rule:

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	div.p-datatable-wrapper {
		overflow-x: scroll;
This way now horizontal scrolling works. Maybe it breaks vertical scrolling and table header will move together with body but for me this is better solution (I use paging).



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14 Nov 2020, 01:18


Please use appendTo={document.body} on the component that has panel such as dropdown, calendar, multiselect etc.

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