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I have implemented a template for a column to display name of the month, rather than its numeric value say 1 or 5. To reiterate, the template returns 'January' for column value 1. On top of this I have enabled global filter.

<Column field="month" header="Month" body={this.monthTemplate} sortable />

The issue is that if I type 'January' in global filter, as expected no records are filtered; however, when I type 1, record that displays 'January' in month column is filtered.

If I replace the field value with a function that returns a value (January) for the key (1), it works with an expected warning "Failed prop type: Invalid prop `field` of type `function` supplied to `Column`, expected `string`.".

<Column field={monthFilter} header="Month" body={this.monthTemplate} sortable />

Please advise if there is a solution to the above problem.

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I think we can add globalFilterFunction property for this. Could you please create a github issue?

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22 Dec 2020, 11:16

The example above shows the Analysis Filter in use with a data table. ... The Analysis Filter is usually used to compare column data and a value you enter, but you can also directly ... The Global Filter panel will be displayed, as shown above.

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