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Hello, coming from backend and lots of frameworks, it seems difficult for me to implement the thing described in the title :roll:
After a thorough research on search engines it seems that I cannot keep the selected item on the single selection DataTable.

I am using REDUX and I can see that my value coming from the store is persistent but I cannot assign it to the DataTable, what I did so far:

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                <DataTable value={this.props.projectsList} selectionMode="single" dataKey="id" selection={this.props.selProject} onSelectionChange={e => this.onRowSelect(e.value)}>
this.props.selProject , is a persistent value and it keep coming to the console and to various other components, absolute no issue with that.
I see the props on the DataTable but none of those seems to implement the "selected" row.

What I am missing? Is there any other component that I can use ?
Thanks a million <3

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