Data conversion for prime react data table component from array to JSON?

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29 May 2021, 10:47

Whenever I call a java webservice (HTTP GET) fileLookup with an input parameter lookupId, it is returning me the response in an array as shown below.

"1225,Second File.js,test for description,15514,778,null",
The response values received corresponds to the following fields.

File id File Name Description user Id File Version
For example, in case of 1224,First_File.docx,null,458,null,null, 1224 is the File id, First_File.docx is File Name, null is Description, 458 is user Id and null is File Version respectively.

I want to display a primereact data table, which will display above things in the table. However, most of the examples I have found are using JSON data. For example, this sandbox example. In my case, since I don't have the data in the form of JSON object, should I consider converting the above data to JSON first so that I can supply that to Data table or anything else which can be done to achieve the same?

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