[FileUpload] FileUpload does not work since upgrade to primereact 8

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29 Aug 2022, 17:20

Hi everyone,

I have a very weird issue since I upgraded to PrimeReact 8.xx
All my file upload components are not triggering anything.
The components are rendered, but when I click on it, the "select file from" window is not appearing.

There seems to be a preventDefault or stopPropagation somewhere because when I tried to have a <input type="file" /> the same is happening.
I see the "choose file" button, but nothing happens when I click on it.

When I switch back to primeReact 7.2.1, everything is working again (FileUploads are behaving normally)
My react version is 18.2.0 when I use the primeReact 8.xx package.

I checked all over my code; I'm not overriding any behavior for the input type=file tags.

Many thanks in advance for potential enlightenment,

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03 Sep 2022, 14:01

Hmm I am using FileUpload with 8.4.0 and its working properly? Can you put together a Code Sandbox reproducer showing the issue? Use this: https://codesandbox.io/s/xgsy8m
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