How to display data in DataTable that does not have a unique key

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The documentation for DataTable API here has this description for the dataKey prop:

Name of the field that uniquely identifies a record in the data. Should be a unique business key to prevent re-rendering.

What should we do, though, if the data to be displayed doesn't have a field that would be unique?


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Hmm can you make it a composite key of a combination of a few of your datatable fields?
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Add a new column to your DataTable with a unique value for each row. You can use the built-in DataTable.NewRow() method to generate a unique identifier for each row.

Create an array of columns that will be used to create the composite key. You can use as many columns as necessary to ensure that the key is unique.

Set the PrimaryKey property of your DataTable to the array of columns that you created in step 2. This will create a composite key for your DataTable.

You can now bind your DataTable to a control, such as a GridView or a DataGridView, and display the data.

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