AppSidebBarTabContentComponent missing in sample project

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02 Dec 2017, 19:13

AppSidebBarTabContentComponent is missing from './app.sidebartabcontent.component', causing both "ng serve" and "ng build" to fail.

I had to comment out the following lines in app.module.ts to permit the project to build:

(line 79): import {AppSidebBarTabContentComponent} from './app.sidebartabcontent.component';
(line 180): AppSidebBarTabContentComponent,

Also I had to comment out an entire section referencing multiple instances of <app-sidebarTabContent></app-sidebarTabConent> in app.sidebar.component.html (lines 41 to 259).

Please provide the missing code for AppSidebBarTabContentComponent, which is supposed to reside in './app.sidebartabcontent.component' per the import directives in the project.

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04 Dec 2017, 10:14

We fixed for next version(later this week).

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