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Text support in Morpheus top-level menu

Posted: 14 Dec 2019, 09:59
by auzair
Hi. I'm interested in purchasing Morpheus PrimeNG template. I have a couple of questions before I proceed.
  • Can I use the Morpheus template offline for a project that will be used on my local network? Or is there any functionality in the template that shall need online connectivity?
  • One of the reasons I have chosen Morpheus template is because I like its hierarchical menu structure. Top-level menu in Morpheus has icons only (Features, Inbox, Calendar, Projects, etc.). My question is, can I replace the icons in this top-level menu with some text of my choice? I mean that instead of the Folder icon for Features menu item, can I display "Features" as text?
Thank you.

Re: Text support in Morpheus top-level menu

Posted: 16 Dec 2019, 10:52
by merve7
  • Firstly, yes you can use offline and you don't need online connectivity for functionalities.
  • Secondly, yes you can use text instead of icons but you may need to add or change some style(really small changes like font-size) in the stylesheet.