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25 Jun 2018, 08:47

how to regerate primeng.min.css to get the updates in css. Thanks

sass -w resources/ --sourcemap=none

i receveid erro .
D:/Program Files/Ruby25-x64/lib/ruby/gems/2.5.0/gems/sass-3.5.6/lib/sass/plugin/compiler.rb:486:in `initialize': Invalid argument @ rb_sysopen - resources/ (Errno::EINVAL)

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28 Jun 2018, 09:40

primeng.min.css is provided by PrimeNG core. We are working to update Manhattan Layout. We recommend waiting for the new version.

Also, please use sass -w src/assets/ --sourcemap=none to provide CSS on Layout. We'll update documentation. Sorry for our mistake!

Thanks a lot for your understanding.
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