Multiselect checkbox and span spacing

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12 Feb 2020, 03:02

Multiselect checkbox on Avalon (also Morpheus and perhaps others) appears to have a minor CSS bug that creates crowding of span element's text next to the checkbox for each item.

Reviewing other themes without this problem indicated a different margin setting for the following selector:

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body .ui-multiselect-panel .ui-multiselect-items .ui-multiselect-item .ui-chkbox
BUG: Property with spacing bug:

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margin-top: 0;
FIX: Property found in other themes without the bug:

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margin: 0 .5em 0 0;
Screenshot displaying crowded checkbox and text that needs additional space:

This was discovered while reviewing the UI of various themes in Live Demo feature of Avalon's theme page.

I understand that I'm able to put this fix in place myself in my own CSS, but thought I should mention it here to improve this and other buggy themes at the source.

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21 Feb 2020, 13:32

Thank you so much for your feedback. We will fix it for the next release.

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