Is the theme compatible with the bootstrap.css responsive styles?

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17 Jan 2018, 00:13

I would like to use some of the bootstrap.css styles with this theme. Specifically, the responsive spacing styles:

My question is, are the responsive spacing styles of bootstrap compatible with the grid layout that comes with the theme?

Actually, it would be great if the theme included responsive spacing styles but if it does, I can't find them in the documentation.



Edit: I guess the alternative would be to use bootstrap's grid instead of primeng's. Still need to know if its a good idea to import the bootstrap.css along with this theme.

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17 Jan 2018, 10:03

Please, add bootstrap.css in .angular-cli.json and try.
Like this;

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"styles": [

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17 Jan 2018, 18:48

Thanks, yes I know how to add the bootstrap.css file (I'm using webpack).

I was asking if the responsive spacing styles in the bootstrap.css are compatible with the responsive grid system in the PrimeNG Avalon Theme.

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03 Feb 2018, 10:59

The PrimeNG is a great framework and ready-to-use for production level, however, the grid system is not great. I also want to use boostrap 4's grid and layout system combined with primeng components. I just wonder if there is any compatibility issue.
Hopefully, PrimeNG can bring a flexbox based grid system. Is there any plan in the future release?
Thanks for your attention.

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13 Feb 2018, 21:43

There is a feature request under review in the primeNG GitHub project to change the grid system from floats to flexbox. That would give it much more flexibility. Hopefully that will happen sooner rather than later.

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04 Mar 2018, 11:46

Yes, new Grid CSS is planned however it is possible to use any other grid system with PrimeNG components, I know users who use angular flex layout or bootstrap grid.

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