scss file won't compile to css

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19 Jun 2021, 02:58

Hi, I am Jake Lee.
I posted a question which I struggle with.
I found Ultima template does not compile scss to css.
When I extract from ultima zip file and npm install and start it, it is working well.
But I put the ultima file to github, then get clone and npm install and start, it is not working. CSS file does not created.

Can you prove solution for this? Why scss file does not compile to css?

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21 Jun 2021, 06:47

OK, I found that I need to run "sass" command myself.

When I execute following command, it says "./designers/_component" does not exist and compile is failed.
sass public/assets:public/assets --no-source-map
Error: Can't find stylesheet to import.
@import './designer/_components';

public\assets\sass\theme\_theme_dark.scss 4:9 @import
public\assets\theme\teal\theme-dark.scss 7:9 root stylesheet
I still can't compile scss. Help me please.

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28 Jun 2021, 14:00

Hi Jake,

We've added /public/assets/sass/theme/designer path to .gitignore file. So when you push your project to github, it's ignoring designer folder. When you run from zip, it's working because there is designer folder inside the project. Long story short, you should remove /public/assets/sass/theme/designer path from .gitignore file in the zip, before you push your project to github.

Best Regards.

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30 Jun 2021, 10:01

I've fixed same way you mentioned. Thanks anyway.

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