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17 Nov 2018, 16:01

I have the following situation:

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<div class="ui-g-12">
           <h:panelGroup styleClass="md-inputfield">
                   <h:outputText value="#{paperSubmissionController.conferenceTitle}" />
                   <label>Present submission in</label>
Problem is that the label does not float over the outputtext value. I think it has to do with the 'md-inputwrapper-filled' style. But i cannot make it work.
It's placed on a form with some other inputtext fields and it works as expected for them. But I'd like to have a certain degree of consistency and it would look wrong with a normal label to the right of the field.

How do i make it do that?

Primefaces 6.2 / Glassfish 5 / Payara 5.182

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19 Nov 2018, 09:01

h:outputText render a "span" element. I don't find a label animation for span tag on material design. Label animations are for input element.

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