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29 Mar 2021, 16:29


Been using this template for a big while now, and when I was upgrading from Angular 7.2 to 11 (big gap, I know). Everything went according to plan, except for one thing, Material Icons.

I was able to use them with ui-icon-* , as detailed in this official Prime page: I know this URL is probably not for PrimeNG, but the PrimeNG version of Serenity used to have Material icons, which was an important thing to have for me (it used to on the 7.x version).

However, this does not work anymore. Whenever I try to reference a Material icon through an input for any PrimeNG component, it just does not print it. Furthermore, you removed completely (as far as I know) the documentation related to Material Icons for Serenity on Angular. You could see the Materials icons info on the utils page, which does not exist anymore, and there is no information on the icons page.

Is there still any way to implement such a feature on the current version or Material icons have been deprecated for Serenity? If they have been removed, are there any plans to put them back?


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28 Apr 2021, 10:35

Yes, material icons deprecated but you can use material or another icon library. You need to add icon class in app.menuitem file (like

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<i class="material-icons">{{item.icon}}</i>
) and to add material style in your stylesheet.
Also, sorry but no plans to put them back.

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