Serenity Theme - Datatable Checkbox event not available

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13 Dec 2017, 16:20

I have recently bought the Serenity Theme from PrimeNG Angular. We are using Angular 4 for development.

In the Datatable, 'on mouse click' on each row the checkbox is checked as well as the row is selected. When checkbox is unchecked or checked there is no event triggered. The event is triggered only when row is selected and unselected.

Since application users can click on checkbox as well as rows, and also we have multi-select options as well, this event is key for us to proceed. Please help to provide this event on click of checkbox in the datatable.

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15 Dec 2017, 14:04

Can you try with "onRowSelect" or "onHeaderCheckboxToggle" event? (

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17 Dec 2017, 18:34

OnRowSelect is working for the purpose of selecting single row and multiple rows. My issue is if selected using this event, to unselect the one row if the user does it using checkbox, there is no event triggered to catch the uncheck. In chrome, when i debug there is no event triggered both for checkbox check and uncheck in datatable.

Also regarding onHeaderCheckboxToggle, it is for parent checkbox event right, not for single row.

I am looking for a combination of Multi-selection checkbox(with/without paging) and Muti-selection with onRowSelect and onRowUnselect events. Is it possible to combine both?

You suggestion and help would be appreciated.

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