How to get selected theme scss variables

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03 Jan 2018, 14:05

I have custom button, which has white background color and text color same color with theme color. I want to change text color when theme changes. How can i accomplish it

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17 Jan 2018, 10:29

You can define variable for button text color in theme files and use this variable for button color. Like this;
in your-theme.scss or your-theme.css

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//other variables
and your.css or your.scss

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.ui-button {
        color: $buttonTextColor;
        background-color: $primaryColor;
        //other codes
And you can see in examples in src/assets/sass and src/assets/theme folders.

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11 Aug 2018, 12:44

Adding a color will generate CSS styles for all Ionic components. This increases the size of your CSS file and can slow down your application. If you only need to use the color in some places, we recommend that you add a new Sass variable.

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10 Sep 2018, 09:05

Thank you for recommendation.

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