showSourceFilter in picklist are not working

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06 Apr 2019, 03:28

Hi there

I have some picklist components in my application, and i use filters on it. With default themes they were working smootly, but when i added the California theme, the filters from picklists disappear. I tried another theme that is morpheus and this component is working with filters. So i think there is something wrong with california theme. I am using version california-1.0.1

<p:pickList id="picklistRoles"
value="#{administracionUsuariosBean.lstRoles}" var="rol"
itemValue="#{rol}" itemLabel="#{rol.descripcion}"
responsive="true" converter="entityConverter"
showSourceFilter="true" showTargetFilter="true"
showSourceControls="true" showTargetControls="true"

Please advise.


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17 Apr 2019, 08:31

Please try;

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body .ui-picklist .ui-picklist-filter-container {
    display: block;
    padding-bottom: .5em;
I'll fix it on California.

Best Regards,

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