Help with Multiple MegaMenus for California theme.

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15 Oct 2019, 22:12

Hello all:

I have purchased the California Theme. One of the things I am trying to do is to get many megamenus across the top. The theme comes with only one at the top called "MEGA MENU". I want to keep the same look as they have and I like how it works with all of the themes. But I have pulled my hair out on how to add others and make it behave like the ones covered in the "Components/Menus/MegaMenu-Horizontal" section.

Any help or code snippets anyone could offer or point me to would be appreciated!

Thank you.



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23 Oct 2019, 09:39

Firstly, Mega Menu inside topbar is a custom element. It is created using Html element. Please examine its codes. p:megaMenu is a PF component.

I'm working on multiple mega menu support on California. (not p:megaMenu, you can use multiple custom mega menu like in the topbar after doing this enhancement.)

Best regards,

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26 Oct 2019, 00:40

Excellent. When do you think this will be available?

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