Doesn't the "Best Phone You Can Buy" usually go off of score

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20 Jan 2017, 10:58

I was just curious how The Best Phone You Can Buy is determined. I thought years past had gone in the same order as phone scores, maybe I'm wrong there?

It seemed to me that Galaxy S7 Edge had gotten a score of 9.1, so I looked it up (spoiler - it did). I also noticed that Dan wrote both the Best Phone list and the Galaxy S7/Edge review, but Nilay wrote the iPhone 7/7+ review.

So I had a few random questions:

Is the best phone list influenced by the preference of the author?
How are scores taken into account?
What determines the winner? Group consensus/Gallop poll/Trump twitter feed?
What score would Dan have given the iPhone 7/7+ if he had reviewed them?
How about the Pixel (reviewed by Dieter)?
Would the Edge still have gotten a 9.1 if it came out at the same time as the Pixel and the Note hadn't burned Samsung's reputation?
Is this a strange, perpetual episode of "Whose Line is it, Anyway?" where everything is made up and the points don't matter?
I am genuinely curious - is this more of a 'this is what I tell most people to buy' list, or is it a 'this is the best/most powerful/most advanced phone that exists' list? Those two lists are often different.
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