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Slow to start

Posted: 25 Jun 2019, 19:09
by Del
The inicial page (any) slow some seconds to show.
The "3 circles" start to run, stop, and suddenly restar to spin...
My machine is fast.
I have observed this situation even the apollo preview.
What can we improve this?
Thank you.

Re: Slow to start

Posted: 02 Jul 2019, 18:37
by Del
Anyone has this 'issue' or 'problem'?
Even in preview theme web, it takes several minutes to load! :o

What happens and what we need to do make it more 'light' or faster?

Re: Slow to start

Posted: 10 Oct 2020, 02:50
by mert.sincan

Sorry for the delayed response! You can implement lazy loading modules for your app;

Best Regards,