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Posted: 05 Dec 2018, 16:22
by lankaman
We are experimenting to use the <p:organigram> in one of our applications.
In the Org chart we want to build, WE DO NOT want to have collapsible in every node. So I setCollapsible(false) in certain nodes based on certain requirements/conditions in our Organization.However, when I setCollapsible(false) the org cart creates another level of nodes (In yellow). We do not need that level at all. How to get rid of that?

In essence, we always want to maintain a Two-Level org chart all the time.
I so not have an option in here to attach a figure. But in the email I sent you couple of times, I have attached a figure.
-K. Peeris

Re: p:organigram

Posted: 06 Dec 2018, 16:08
by lankaman
And also I think that the current OrgonigramNode class is not flexible enough. There must be a method in the OrganigramNode class to shut off (Do not display) a level of nodes if not required. I believe it should be pretty easy to do as I can see the rendered HTML for each node is controlled by a data-level = "#" property per node level.

Right now I am stuck and do not know how to get rid of the third level of nodes and their vertical connectors directly.

However I have a workaround to 'Hide' the third-level nodes using CSS. But I cannot get rid of the vertical connector lines. Do you have any idea how I could get rid of the vertical connector lines between second and third level nodes?

Re: p:organigram

Posted: 12 Dec 2018, 09:15
by aragorn
Thanks a lot for the feedback. But, I think this issue is not related to PrimeFaces Designer API. Please use core forum or could you please create a github issue?

Best Regards,