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17 Jul 2018, 08:22


My app is looking very nice with this Harmony template, thanks so much for creating it!

I am looking to have some reporting pages outside angular - probably core. I'd love to use the CSS layout if possible, to give the same responsive 'tiled' look to that reporting so it all looks consistent. Questions:

a) What's the most efficient way to bring just the grid and related css from Harmony into normal HTML pages?
b) If I wanted to render things like the switch or dropdowns in asp .net, is there a way to do so? eg a jquery version of Harmony I would purchase, or bringing the appearance across via CSS? I see PrimeUI, but the elements I saw don't look similar. Perhaps some skinning is possible?

Many thanks


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18 Jul 2018, 10:22

I'm afraid there is no html/css version of Harmony and no plans to create in near future until the new PrimeElements (web components) project comes out.

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18 Jul 2018, 10:40

Ok, thanks for getting back to me.

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10 Oct 2020, 02:07

Issue is resolved.

Best Regards,

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