Why aren't the scss files in the prime-designer/assets/designer folder included in the PrimeNG project?

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12 May 2022, 05:40

Why aren't the scss files in the prime-designer/assets/designer folder included in the PrimeNG project? It is quite difficult to build PrimeNG themes and share them with open source projects since these files are not open source.

I am working on an open-source project https://github.com/kervi/kervi and have begun to incorporate PrimeNG in the UI section, mostly because PrimeNG provides all of the components required in my project. Second, I considered creating a CSS style and distributing it with my project, enabling users to tweak it to their own tastes.

Now I'm not sure whether I'll keep using PrimeNG. I'm aware that I may include the built CSS files and my theme scss files in my project. However, it does not seem like open source because of the reliance on a closed source product that must be paid for.

I appreciate that designing attractive themes generates cash for you, but I don't believe that open-sourcing the basic theme API scss files would undercut your own company. It takes a long time and a lot of talent to design the themes you offer, thus it's far cheaper to simply purchase your themes than to attempt to make one myself.

Also, I have no objection to purchasing the designer since it expedites the process of generating my own theme for my open-source project.

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18 May 2022, 08:30


Designer's scss folders are not included because Designer NG is a commercial product. Making it open source is not an option right now. However you can still use up to 42 free themes & variants and customize or override defaults as you wish.


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Why can't we get commercial support for PrimeNG scss being directly embedded in our app?
We have our own themer that add scss files to customize the ones being produced. When we last bought ng designer, it didn't generate scss files.

edit: I would like to extend this question to non-commercial purchased support for scss as well. But if it can only be available with commercial license, I am fine with that too.

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Designer's scs files are not included as Designer NG is a commercial product.

You can make your own customizations and updates by purchasing Designer NG or purchasing from our themes.

Also our free themes you can customize or override as you wish.


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