How to use the new open source sass-theme project?

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Hey there,

How would I use the new primeng-sass-theme thing actually?
We have bought the designer licence recently and we got a file containing this within an angular app (visual designer etc.).
I always wondered how we would receive any updates on that...

Now that primeng-sass-theme is free I thought I could maybe install that via npm or so... and then receive updates this way is this the plan for the future?

I would like to add some stuff to that I guess... like adding sass in order to build the theme or style-dictionary to automatically generate the __variables.scss from figma tokens...

My question might be a bit confusing right now...

I guess my main questions are:
Are there any suggested ways of how to work with this right now? (currently the readme is not very useful ;)
What are the plans for that projects?
Will the Angular Theme Designer App use the same thing? What should I choose if have access to both?

Kind regards

I have played with it a little bit and came up with some possible ways of using it:

1. I install it via npm using:

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"primeng-sass-theme": "github:primefaces/primeng-sass-theme#15.2.0",
then I place my custom themes in some other place and reference the base component stuff from within node nodules...

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@import '~primeng-sass-theme/theme-base/_components';
This is my prefered approach so far...

2. Create my own repository with github:primefaces/primeng-sass-theme as a sync remote next to my own remote...

3. Just copy paste the files where ever I need them...

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