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01 Sep 2018, 16:08

Hi all,

just get Designer and start to create new theme with DataScroller component in inline mode.

- I did not find DataScroller component in samples to preView, but I manage to find and change styles in _data.css: .ui-datascroller... Will this components be added for preView in next versions?

- what I wont to do is hide hide Y scrollbar and remain scroll functionality, but when I set this in CSS to 'overflow-y: hidden;' I lose scroll functionality on component. Am I missing right component to use hire (maybe this component can not hide scroll bar) or is there any other way to hide vertical scroller on dataScroller component.

Or if scroll can not be hidden what style class in MyTheme in designer should I use for styling it?


designer 6.1.1
primeng 6.1.3
Angular 6.1.6

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01 Sep 2018, 20:28

1) Yes, we may add it to the preview, I don't see why not.

2) This is a question to PrimeNG Core not PrimeNG Theme Designer, it is a bit tricky though; ... -to-scroll

By the way, I don't suggest doing this, it may confuse your users since they may not figure out they can scroll.

Afaik, not all browsers allow scrollbar customization, but chrome-safari does;

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