Problem with ToggleButtons in Theme Designer 9.0

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25 May 2020, 10:58

In Theme Designer 9.0 there was a restructuring and splitting up of the CSS files, and individual style sheets for the various components are now imported in the components.scss file. These imports are in the order of the big sections Inputs, Buttons, Data, etc.

Unfortunately, this creates a problem for the ToggleButton: since it is classified among the Inputs, not among the Buttons, its style sheet is imported before the style sheet for normal buttons. Therefore, the ToggleButton style sheet cannot overwrite the normal Button style sheet anymore, which causes a wrong look of the ToggleButtons. E.g. the background in inactive state now looks like it is active.

My solution was to move the import of _togglebutton after the import of the ordinary _button. I hope this can be fixed in the next release 9.1 of the Designer API. Maybe you should even reconsider moving toggle buttons to the button section instead of the input section in general?

Btw, this problem does not seem to affect the SelectButton, because its CSS class is used with a wrapper element for the individual buttons, not with the buttons themselves, so its style does not depend on the rigtht order.

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10 Oct 2020, 18:02

The issue should be fixed in Designer 10, please let us know if you still have issues.

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