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Angular 9 to 10 transition

Posted: 02 Sep 2020, 08:20
by mcdevelopment
Will my theme made with theme designer to PrimeNg9 work as it is in PrimeNg 10, or is there major rework to be done.

From quick look there are many name changes like
$toggleButtonActiveHoverBg: $primaryDarkColor;

Does this mean i need to go everything through and basically redo my theme.

Re: Angular 9 to 10 transition

Posted: 10 Oct 2020, 17:55
by cagatay.civici
It is not a rewrite but as a part of syncing PrimeNG with rest of the Prime UI libraries some variables are gone and some are renamed, SASS docs will help;

If you have any troubles, please post here and we'll assist.