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Designer api is not running

Posted: 06 May 2019, 11:00
by fito
Hello Prime!

I have just bougth the designer api and downloaded version 3.1.0.

I have open the downloaded folder into Microsoft Vs Code.
Then i ran "npm install" into the console.
After that, "npm start", but nothing happens.
There are a lot of errors and warnings, saying some of the dependencies are deprecated, and so on.

I thought that de Designer api was prepared to download and work with it, but it is not.
I need the designer working.
I'm a designer, not a programmer.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Designer api is not running

Posted: 08 May 2019, 13:45
by merve7
Sorry for this problem. We fixed this issue and released the new version (PrimeReact Desinger 3.1.1). You can download from store.

Designer api is not running

Posted: 14 Aug 2019, 01:41
by Robbimix
Oh yeah, another question regarding that

After i changing the permerlink system, the web server seem not working again
Hope to get update soon



Re: Designer api is not running

Posted: 10 Dec 2020, 11:12
by mert.sincan

Sorry for the delayed response! Could you please attach your stack trace for us?

Best Regards,