Apollo menu types not working

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06 Aug 2023, 10:53


This issue only seems to affect the demo site not when I have downloaded the v9 files to local

Several menu types do not work:
  • slim
I am running the example app with no changes using apollo V9.0 and nextjs 13.4.12
Start with npm run dev and select the Horizontal menu style.
The menu shows but if I click the menu dropdown icon there is a brief flicker but no menu items are shown.

The browser is an up to date one Chrome Version 114.0.5735.248 (Official Build) (x86_64)

I am particularly interested getting the horizontal menu working.
PrimeReact: 9.6.0
NextJs: 13.4.12
Theme Apollo v9.0
Database pg 8.8.0
react-hook-form: 7.38.0

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10 Sep 2023, 19:13


You can use Menu Types correctly with update of V10.


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