How to change p-datalist header background color

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09 Aug 2016, 07:36

Hi all,

May I know how to change the header and footer background color of the p-dataist ?

default color is Blue and I can change the color by using "<header class="SoftBlueBack">"

But it look very strange because only the color of the middle portion of the header change..... look very strange.

Any advise ?

Thank you !

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10 Aug 2016, 15:48

I think this is a primeng issue. Please create a github issue;
Also, I think you can try the following css;

Code: Select all

.ui-datalist .ui-datalist-header,
.ui-datalist .ui-datalist-footer {
  background-color: #03A9F4 !important; /* SoftBlueBack */


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