Enhancement: Resize Broswer event on Menu show and hide

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28 Dec 2016, 00:29

Say you have the following:

1. Atlantis Menu set to Inline.

2. Primefaces Scrollable Datatable with scrollable="true" and scrollWidth="100%"

When you close and open the Atlantis menu the table does not draw properly. Maybe the <pa:tabMenu" needs Javascript call back events like onopen="" and onclose="" so we can hook Javascript events up to the menu moving.

Then I could call..

Code: Select all

To force a resize of the window and have the PF Datatable resize itself properly.
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06 Jan 2017, 14:14

I think you can change layout.js. For now, We don't think to add events into tabMenus. Also, layout.js has $(window).trigger('resize'); for menu-button and links in the tabMenuNav. Please check them.

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