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23 Mar 2018, 10:24

Have you ever think of setting up a private repo? Only one commiter per client? I see a lot of perks doing this, actually exactly same perks as making source code open... PR could be provided too, meaning probably less work for you ;-)

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26 Mar 2018, 13:43

Thanks for the suggestion, I will talk about it with other team members and get back to you.

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30 Mar 2018, 09:18

Any feedbacks?

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01 Apr 2018, 21:07

Private repo for what? Not clear to me.

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03 Apr 2018, 11:23

Today, code is a simple zip we download from the store. Bugs are there, improvements and feature can happen. As a user, i'd like to share my work with other Barcelona clients, and I wish these clients could do the same (e.g we create a UserMenu component supporting model attribute that I'd like to share, we might fix bugs too)

Secondly, there is a better tracability regarding what changed since the last version. Today, the changelog is very poor, I wish I'd like to know what has been fixed.

My reflexion is 100% the same why I love Open Source projects. Of course, Premium Themes are not... but just because it's a paid feature, it should prevent us (as customers) not having access to Open Source projects perks? I don't think so! This is why, I think a private repo for each Premium layout should be set up and access is given to one person of company, so they can provide PR etc.

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