Having a wide element in paginatorleft shifts the paginator from the center

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27 Dec 2018, 03:19

I am using pTemplate "paginatorleft" and "paginatorright" on my p-table.
When the item inside "paginatorleft" is sufficiently long, the icons and page numbers of the paginator, which was supposed to be in the center, are now shifted to the right.
When the thing inside "paginatorleft" is a p-dropdown that varies in width depending on the width of the selected item in the dropdown, this means that the position of the paginator is now also shifting whenever I select an item of a different width.
The reverse applies when "paginatorright" contains a long and wide element - the paginator is offset towards the left, instead of being centered in the table.

I believe this behavior is less than ideal, and would conjecture that it may be a bug.

I am using PrimeNG 6.1.5. Thank you.

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28 Dec 2018, 14:06

Can you provide a stackblitz sample ?

https://stackblitz.com/github/primeface ... e-template

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