How to install icarus

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04 Jan 2018, 14:02

I bougth icarus an i need help to install, i try to use the demo but dont work

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17 Jan 2018, 16:23

You would want to be more specific on what didn't work.

What was the procedure you used, how is your application configured, etc. I also bought the Icarus and just followed the orientations on the Documentation section and it is ok. You would need some background with this sort of technology of course. So explain what exactly you did so we can be of help.
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Please try;

Firstly, you need to provide CSS files from Sass files using the following command in command line;

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sass -w src/main/webapp/resources/ --sourcemap=none
then, mvn jetty:run

Sass install;


1) to use *-theme.jar in your project
(Windows PC)
-Please open Command Prompt in your pc
(If no maven in your pc,
-To install theme.jar in the local repository;

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mvn install:install-file -Dfile=<path-to-file> -DgroupId=org.primefaces.themes -DartifactId=<theme_name> -Dversion=<theme_version> -Dpackaging=jar
<path-to-file> -> where is the jar?
- please add this dependency in pom.xml of your project

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- please add this context-param in web.xml of your project

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2) to use our sample maven project
- Please add war file in an IDE such as Netbeans
You can execute the sample with mvn jetty:run command


I think these links can help to you to integrate the theme and layout into your project; ... t.mp4?dl=0 ... t.mp4?dl=0 ... t.mp4?dl=0


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28 Dec 2018, 17:29

Hi ! i try to use this line but it does not work

sass -w src/main/webapp/resources/ --sourcemap=none

just show more sass options. Could you please help me ??

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31 Dec 2018, 09:29

Which Sass version are you using?

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>  sass -v

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