How to replace the icons with fontawesome icons ?

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29 Dec 2018, 04:54

I want to replace all the icons in the menu and top bar with icons from font awesome as I dont find the icons I want in the theme . How do I do that ?

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07 Jan 2019, 13:50

We recommend using material icons because Ultima is designed with material design guide but you can use font-awesome with the below steps;
1. add your package.json

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"font-awesome": "4.7.0"
2. add font awesome stylesheet in angular.json file

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            "styles": [
                //other styles
3. for topbar remove material class and add font-awesome like;

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remove <i class="material-icons">more_vert</i>
add <i class="fa fa-cog"></i>
4. for menu; firstly change icon in this.model;

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            {label: 'Dashboard', icon: 'fa fa-fw fa-home', routerLink: ['/']}, 		//with material => icon: 'dashboard'
                label: 'Themes', icon: 'fa fa-fw fa-cog', badge: '6',
                items: [
also change <i> class in 151th line and 160th line in app-submenu component

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<i *ngIf="child.icon" [ngClass]="child.icon"></i>			//with material => <i *ngIf="child.icon" class="material-icons">{{child.icon}}</i>

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