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We are using Primereact 3.1.1 and I have a Drop Down as part of an editable Datatable.

I can get the control to display but I have differing value and label descriptions, i.e. the value of the drop down is an ID and the label is the actual text description - my issue is that the ID is being displayed in the grid cell and not the description.

In the documentation here: "" the example given for the brands array is with value and label the same.

Does this functionality work with differing value and label values?


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I had the same problem, that is because Column component render value to display, you use the same field in column and in dropdown. Dropdown only return a value if you don't use optionLabel property. You should use optionLabel and dropdown will return a object like this { label : "BMW", value: 1}, you should save a label and display it in column.
Something like this.

Code: Select all

this.state = {
car: null,

	//value is something like this { label : "BMW", value: 1},
	//this is a copy of cars
	const cars = { };
	//this is the value that you will display = value.value;
	// will store entire object and you should it to access to id or value = value;

// will store object
return <Dropdown value= {} 
            options={myOptions} optionLabel="label" placeholder="Select a Car"
                onChange={(e) => this.onCarValueChange(}>

		//some code here
		//you display label stored in name property of your object
		<Column field="name" header="Name Car" 

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+1 ;) Thanks @IgnisMX !

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