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21 May 2020, 02:50

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Hello PrimeFaces,

the old themeroller and even the new theme designer share a problem:

The preview is only for a defined test page. Developers want a preview at their own page in a production ready environment. Very often i had to do many roundtrips into the editor since it did not looked good at the target website.

  • Decide some variables
  • Test variables in preview test page
  • Copy theme to own application and reload CSS
  • Not satisfied - go back to first step
This takes a lot of time till you finally are satisfied. And then you want to create a second theme to check if different colors are better for your website and start again.


The best solution would be a JSF editor component like themeswitcher, themeroller to allow changing each individual variables while being at the target page to test.
The component can export this to a java class or json for database saving or download of the css file.

Big picture - simplification

We want to get more clients to use our shop system and so we need more color variations of the themes and we cannot invest too many hours to test-create a new color variation. It must be editable in our JSF administration and variables saved in the database.

Imagine the client itself can choose the theme, save its variables like colors, and define its menu mode. This is power for the sales team and reduces costs.

Primefaces could provide:
  • JSF component editor - choose any purchased theme - select a color preset, edit variables and save own version
  • JSF session bean to preview the selected theme with saved variables
  • JSF change menu mode dynamically - Seems not possible since each theme has its own menu component. They would need to use the same base and have its renderer overriden depending on selected theme. Dont know if thats possible.
  • JSF parsing of the CSS that include variables for production
We would buy this directly from you! Cause it saves our time and money.

Would it not save your own designer time when you create new color variations of a new premium theme?

Unecessary complexity

I have no intention to fiddle around with SCSS and i have 0 benefits using it.
Your designers at PrimeFaces can do this to create the necessary base. Why should the customer (us) do this?

That is the reason we are using JSF / PrimeFaces at first. Because we dont need to invest in style and CSS.

I only want to configure it in 30 minutes and be ready to go. This is the success of wordpress where you switch your themes in a minute.
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14 Jul 2020, 11:21

Thanks a lot for your all feedbacks! We are making changes to the current Designer API. As you said exactly, we are preparing an environment that is easy to use and where the created theme can be downloaded. Please review PrimeVue designer;

Thanks a lot again!

Best Regards,

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I built a site with very involved CSS, the client needs it to be editable in the visual editor but the visual editor does not see the css so it looks nothing like the page. I added the following to functions.php:

function my_theme_add_editor_styles
add_editor_style custom-editor-style.css ;

add_action init, my_theme_add_editor_styles ;

and then copied the css in Add HTML/CSS Inserts into a file and uploaded it. It works great except any changes I make in Add HTML/CSS Inserts must be then be added to the css file I made. Where is the css file located that is generated by the css in Add HTML/CSS Inserts? If I could link to this rather than the css file I created I would not need to update my css file every time I made a change to the Add HTML/CSS Inserts.



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